A Few Things You Need To Know Before Buying Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a fighting sport with fists wearing a pair of protective padded gloves. It is a sport of two people who fight with each other throwing punches in a roped square ring for a fixed set of time and according to prescribed rules. The most important thing that a boxer requires in a boxing ring is the boxing gloves.

These gloves help boxers to deliver punches more forcefully. It also protects their hands during matches. These gloves are also very useful when a boxer practices punches on a punch bag or else he will get injured. These boxing gloves protect both the wearer and the person being punched. Without these gloves, the boxers’ hands will suffer from bruises and fractures. Wearing these gloves, the risk factors reduce drastically. The face and mouth of the boxer, whom the other boxer will be bashing inside the ring, also gets protection from these gloves.

Now, while doing the training or practicing on the punching bags, boxing mitts are used. Also, it is used for shadow boxing. It is usually used in training boxers.

To protect hands from several common types of injuries, boxers use boxing hand wraps or wrist wraps. These are strip of clothes which are wrapped firmly around the palm, the thumb and the wrist.Boxing gloves come in a wide range of variety and are easily available in the market. However, choosing the right type of boxing gloves is very essential but a bit difficult also due to various options available.

A few things you need to know before buying Boxing Gloves:-

You need to pick the right size. It is very important to know that gloves are available in different sizes in ounce or oz. The available common sizes are 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz. Odd number sizes like 7oz, 9 oz, 11 oz are not available.Checking the gloves material is also very important. Generally, boxing gloves are made of either leather or vinyl material. For the beginners or kids, vinyl gloves are ideal as these are cheaper and also easier to put on. But for professionals, leather gloves are the best as these are highly durable and last for many years. Vinyl gloves will wear out quickly and you have to buy a new pair again. On the other hand, leather gloves, being durable, are resistant to tears, high speed impacts and scrapes.Depending on the boxing activities, you have to choose the boxing gloves. Different types of gloves are available, like fighting, sparring, aerobics, amateur fighting and training gloves. According to the purpose, these have been made. So, it is very important to take advice of a trainer before buying gloves.