Sugar And It Effect On Your Health

Sugar also known as confectionary sugar is the hidden culprit for all these obese people on earth. In the past, people were quick to blame fat as the main cause and did not even regard sugar as a tool the affects our health. However, it seems to be that the truth was intentionally hidden from the general public because sugar industries didn’t want the truth coming out.

With time though, scientists have been able to prove how adversely sugar can affect one’s body. And some of the reasons can be as follows:


Diabetes is one of the most known illness caused by sugar consumption. Diabetes can lead to many other health problems. Some of the health problems caused by diabetes is kidney malfunction and other organ failure. Diabetes is also said to accelerate heart disease and sometimes even be the primary cause for it. Diabetes also affects the healing of wounds thus leading into deadly infections. When the wounds don’t heal properly, infections get into the wound. Although, the person with diabetes will be unaware as the diabetes causes him to be numb to the pain. Most often than not people realize it only way too late. In such serious cases amputations of the limb is necessary. Leaving the person disabled for life.

Obesity is another very common problem caused by the consumption of sugar. More and more people are becoming obese due to their high intake of sugars. Obesity can lead to depression, anxiety, immobility and even in some cases loss of confidence and shame. Becoming obese is not any one would like to be. But with the high sugar intake people don’t realize until it is too late. However, most cases of obesity can be overcome by even simply going to the personal training in Canberra!

Accelerates Aging

A lesser known fact is that sugar consumption, accelerates aging. It is known to contribute to the telltale symptoms of aging. I.e. sagging of the skin. When you consume sugar, it hits the bloodstream and attaches itself to the proteins. This is known as the process of glycation. The molecules then contribute to the loss of elasticity in the skin. Which is a common problem in aging. You can however, reverse the effects of sugar by completely stopping its consumption and following a good exercise program.

Highly Addictive

Sugar is also highly addictive and is known to more addictive than the drug meth. If you try to stop sugar consumption now, you know it is going to be a very hard task. And chances are you will fall right back into it. This is why sugar is known to highly addictive. Sugar also causes tooth decay and is known to be the number one cause of many people ending up with gum and tooth related problems!